Signature Red Hair. Great Laugh. Business Savvy.

And She’s Ready to Work with YOU.

Amy’s great laugh and signature red hair (and the style changes often) aren’t the only things people tend to remember about her.  Amy has a passion for art and foreign films. In her free time, she loves to ride her scooter around the streets of Phoenix, play golf, and travel.  People find her outgoing personality and open-mindedness refreshing. Unforgettable Amy.

My Philosophy

My goal is you and your happiness. I take the time needed to get to know your needs and help find the solution, never rushing you through your very important transaction. Real estate is an investment and a commodity. You need someone on your side who understands the market, can deliver valuable advice, and help you be successful.

Moving closer to your real estate goals starts with a conversation.

A Quick History of Amy

  • Born and raised on Long Island, NY

  • University of Maryland, B.S. in Accounting, Minor in Art History

  • Visited Arizona on a Winter Break in 1979; I knew I needed to move here

  • After college, accepted a job in Maryland and stayed

  • Life Happened. Marriage, Kids, Divorce.

  • Sold Real Estate in Maryland and DC for 12 years

  • Kids went off to college & I started the next phase of my life

  • Remembered my promise to myself, and 30 years later finally moved to Arizona

  • Now I’m HERE & MAKING IT

Giving Back

We all have missions and causes that are important to us for a variety of reasons. One group that I have supported over the last few years is our combat veterans. Although most veterans are able to make a smooth transition back to civilian life, others experience some difficulties, including some who deal with post-traumatic stress (PTS). This became very real to my family when a family member lost his battle with PTS and took his own life. In an effort to spare other families the pain and heartbreak that our family has suffered, I am committed to donating a portion of each of my commissions to organizations dedicated to treating PTS and suicide prevention. With every sale I make, my buyers and sellers will help me to help make a difference for our veterans who have so bravely served our country!

A Love for Unique Shoes

I can stand on my own two feet when it comes to managing your real estate transaction.

What shoes will I be wearing at our next meeting or open house?

Don’t Settle for Business as Usual

Work with Amy, your real estate professional, on your next move.  Her insightful way of always thinking outside of the box plays a huge part in her professional accomplishments.  Achieving YOUR goals is what you can expect from Amy Lavine.  Put me to work for YOU!

A Refreshing Perspective. A Unique Approach.

Call me or text me today! 602.717.4859